joseph seuferling

Joseph Seuferling is a director and cinematographer with a love of the odd and surreal. He has shot and directed many corporate, music and short videos. He lives in the dark woods with his psychic girlfriend and two strange cats.

Psionic Broadcast


Nima forghani

Nima Forghani is an Iranian-American filmmaker & engineer currently residing in Seattle, WA. His love for post revolution Iranian contemporary cinema and his previous involvement in numerous independent film projects has inspired him to work on his own films.
When not in the office designing and testing aircraft systems in his professional engineering career, Nima enjoys photography and working in the pottery studio.


Byron c. Miller

With 2 Feature films, 10 Music Videos, and multiple Shorts under his belt, Byron brings his tireless enthusiasm and optimism to multiple projects as a Writer, Director, Editor, VFX artist. His most recent feature film, The Anatomy of Monsters, is available on VOD and DVD through Artsploitation Films. Byron was the Director, Editor.