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(in here) I Am God is a dark drama highlighting many aspects of what writer, producer,  actor Nima Forghani experienced growing up in 1980’s Iran; a country shattered by the Islamic revolution and war with Iraq.
This film draws from Nima’s own childhood memories of observing daily struggles of the oppressed population and coping with the regime’s attempt to manipulate and divide society.
Hiding in bomb shelters, listening to bombs raining overhead, seeing his mother wear a burqa to avoid the arrest and possible execution from moral police, observing these events through childhood eyes inspired Nima to create this grim, dreamlike film.
Set inside a shadowy bunker (in here) I Am God shines a light on many dark aspects of society. The primary focus being the deep struggle of women in a male dominated society where authoritarian men dictate the repression of sexuality and complete freedom.


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(IN HERE) I AM GOD screening at the HollyShorts Film Festival in Hollywood, CA (July 2019)